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Data management - BitSegments
Data management

Combine your own (1st party) customer data with contacts available in external (3rd party) systems

Data versioning and self-update - BitSegments
Data versioning and self-update

View the history of customer information updates

Data segmentation - BitSegments
Data segmentation

Divide acquired leads into homogeneous groups

Scoring - BitSegments

Find contacts that match your ideal customer profile

2-way communication with your CRM - BitSegments
2-way communication with your CRM

Automatically send and receive data from your CRM

Team work - BitSegments
Team work

Grant your employees adequate access levels and let them manage data

Global access - BitSegments
Global access

Use at any place with access to the Internet, anywhere in the world, thanks to the SaaS model

Data security - BitSegments
Data security

Enjoy the highest level of data security with a secure SSL connection

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