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Data management - BitSegments
Data management

Combine your own customer data coming from for example CRM with external data like social media.

Self-update - BitSegments

You will always get fresh leads that are regularly updated. You choose how often you need them updated. Never miss newly-opened businesses.

Create your own segments - BitSegments
Create your own segments

Uncover the leads, apply custom filters, create different segments and groups. Quickly analyze the data and learn more about your ideal client.

Research - BitSegments

Verify the market, check its capacity, see how many potential partners you have in specific areas. Don’t waste time and effort on not perspective markets and places.

2-way communication - BitSegments
2-way communication

Connect your CRM and automatically synchronize the data you have with the new leads. Manage the leads and forget about the duplicates.

Team work - BitSegments
Team work

Add and manage your team members. Whether you are a manager, salesperson or a consultant you will have personalized access.

Accessible anywhere you are - BitSegments
Accessible anywhere you are

Thanks to the SaaS model, you and your team-members will access BitSegments from any place in the world. Synchronously, asynchronously, you choose.

Privacy - BitSegments

You will keep your leads secured and for your eyes only. Stored and backed-up on AWS.

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