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Three steps to success

BitSegments is a data management platform (DMP) designed specifically for the B2B sector. It automatically analyses available BigData, builds customer profiles and gathers the most valuable contacts for subsequent marketing activities.

Turn BigData into SmartData - BitSegments

Turn BigData into SmartData

Create a comprehensive image of your clients by combining all data sources in one place. Use data available in your own CRM system (1st party data) to automatically create an ideal customer profile. Use additional databases with customer information (3rd party data) to expand the range of ​​your activities. Utilise information on client behaviour and engagement on the Internet and reap the benefits of creating and analysing company attractiveness rankings.

Analyse clients and the market - BitSegments

Analyse clients and the market

Use attribute-based rules to build niche segments of the most valuable clients based on business characteristics, customer behaviour and demographics. Take advantage of the scoring system and search for prospects by comparing them with the ideal customer profile (look-alike modelling). Focus on the most valuable contacts and transform them into loyal fans.

Optimise and expand the area of ​​activity - BitSegments

Optimise and expand the area of ​​activity

Increase the effectiveness of marketing efforts by targeting specific customer segments with a personalised offer. Lower the costs of customer acquisition and conquer new markets based on their potential.


  • Increase sales
  • Reduce the cost of lead acquisition
  • Unify data from many sources
  • Create an ideal customer profile
  • Personalise your offer more easily
  • Target specific recipients
  • Take advantage of look-alike modelling
  • Access data which is always up to date

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