Sell more thanks to precise targeting.
Your clients are at your fingertips

Three steps to sell better, faster and more…

BitSegments is a data management platform (DMP) designed to find the best leads and automate lead qualification in B2B sector. It automatically processes BigData and gives you the list of the most valuable leads. Don’t waste time on looking for leads, let BitSegments do that for you.

BigData at your service - BitSegments

BigData at your service

BigData makes people excited, but do they know how to use it in their favour?

Use the power of the Internet and let BitSegments search all data sources for the best leads in one place.

Combine it with the data you already own and 3rd party databases to create an ideal customer profile and expand your reach.

Get to know your client better - BitSegments

Get to know your client better

Do you keep failing? Even a great salesperson will if he/she targets the wrong crowd...

Build various segments based on the business characteristics, customer behaviour patterns and demographics.

Compare the prospects with your ideal customer profile thanks to our scoring system.

Use the priceless knowledge and contact your future clients, forget about the unqualified leads.

Optimise the cost - BitSegments

Optimise the cost

Conversion can be expensive, especially if you don’t know where and to whom you should sell…

Pay as you go and don’t wait for questionable effects for months.

Target specific and well-analysed segments with a personalised offer.

Minimize the cost of customer acquisition and win new deals.


  • Save time on lead generation
  • Get higher quality and always updated leads
  • Use and combine data from multiple sources
  • Create an ideal customer profile
  • Personalise your offer for different segments
  • Target the right leads, improve conversion
  • ...and just start selling more...

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